Huberta von Voss is a London-based German journalist, traveling wife and mother of four. She has a keen passion for the art of dialogue and getting people to listen to untold stories.

Huberta just resigned as Director of Communications & Public Affairs of Seeds of Peace, a New York-based organization that invests in extraordinary young leaders from conflict regions most of whom have never met someone from the other side of the conflict. The organization creates a rare space for dialogue that is hard to find and even harder to have.  After taking part in a variety of cutting-edge workshops most of the graduates have a transformative impact on their communities and across borders. She had the privilege to work with a group of dedicated changemakers in the Middle East, South Asia, Europe and the United States and will continue to support their programs in the UK and beyond.

She has previously been the US correspondent of the lifestyle magazine ICON ( and is now working in the same capacity in London. The column Letters from London and beyond gives her an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned during her time abroad. Huberta has a passion for profiles and has written about many leading cultural figures. After graduating from the University of Munich with an M.A. in political science,  she started out as a political correspondent for various newspapers. She then became the spokesperson for the President of the German Bundestag, Professor Rita Süssmuth. Working closely with Süssmuth on her progressive women’s agenda, she stayed committed to causes that advance gender equality. She later returned to the Bundestag as an analyst for international affairs, human rights, and contemporary history.

The topics of her publications are closely intertwined with the places where she has lived with her husband. Her translations of the acclaimed Lebanese poet Nadia Tuéni and the novelist Alexandre Najjar were part of her journey to understand the Lebanese civil war.  After moving from Beirut to Nicosia, Huberta became involved with the recognition of the Armenian genocide and traveled the world for a number of years to write “Portraits of Hope: Armenians in the contemporary world.” Her interest in social justice led to yet another book when the family returned to Berlin. The striking reality and rise of child poverty in the post reunification years resulted in extended travels in her own country to paint a profile of a young generation in which too many are left behind.  After publishing Arme Kinder, reiches Land (Rowohlt) she was a frequent TV panelist and public speaker.

Appalled by the atrocities that the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad committed against his own people, she decided to take initiative. Together with her British friend Lady Sheila Lyall Grant she launched the online petition LETTER TO ASMA in May 2012. The appeal to the wife of Assad to help stop the bloodshed went viral and was supported by people in almost 170 countries. It gathered almost 40,000 signatures on the English site of and nearly the same amount on the Spanish version of the site. More than 330,000 people watched the YouTube video. Huberta became the spokesperson of the month-long campaign. Her media appearances included CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, ZDF, 3SAT et al..

Huberta is the grand-daughter of Hans Alexander von Voss, who was part of the military opposition against Hitler. Together with other children of conspirators, her father Ruediger created (and led) the Foundation 20th July to change the widespread perception that there was no alternative to following the crowd. Her intellectual up-bringing was very much influenced by the work of those who are committed to protect democracy against the evil of racism and populism.

Together with her husband she curates the Berliner Salon at the German Embassy (first in New York, then in Washington and London) as a platform for critical dialog, bringing together policy makers, analysts, writers, and artists and the business community. Both have been awarded with the Leo-Baeck-Award 2018 for their sustained commitment to the Jewish Community.

She served on several non-profit boards and is part of the BMW Young Leaders network. Currently, she serves on the Advisory Board of United Way Germany and on the board of Yaddo. Huberta and Peter are proud parents of four wonderful children: Valeska (28), Maximilian (20), Augustin (16) and Felice (10).




Huberta von Voss